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February 27, 2010

While in the Bay Area, Mike got word that half of our new molds had arrived in Santa Barbara. Even though we’ve only received a few, we’ve been busy playing and doing lots of experimenting with temperature profiles to try and get the snappiest, glossiest bars we can get. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new bars very soon…

In other good news, when I picked up the mail this afternoon, I found my safe food handling certificate had arrived – another very important piece of the puzzle!



February 19, 2010

This past weekend, the very first sample run of our single origin Ghana chocolate bars left our hands, and ventured out into the world. In a whirlwind tour of the Bay Area, we left samples of our chocolate with friends, family and a few shop owners who have expressed their interest. The feedback has been great and very much appreciated, on everything from the taste to the packaging. It was a terrific visit (minus one flat tire), and the weather stayed gorgeous, and the fog even rolled in classically in San Francisco.